Molding Doctors


The University of Texas at Dallas

Based on your year, major, and other interests, we match you with an upperclassman mentor to guide you through your pre-medical classes, MCAT, summer internships, shadowing experiences, and more. We also hold social events so that you can become more acquainted with the university, build connections with your peers, and understand the different routes that pre-medical students take to achieve their goals. Applications are accepted beginning in June, with rolling admissions throughout the entire academic year.

This event held during the spring semester strives to prepare you for your medical school interviews. Available to you as early as your freshman year, you are able to experience these mock interviews held by faculty members, physicians, and deans. This evaluative process allows you to receive feedback and advice from HPAC at the end of your interviews. Through this event, you will experience M.M.I.’s, open and closed book interviews, and group interviews.

This program is designated to provide an early start for medical school applicants. We assist you with completing your primaries through multiple assignments and deadlines during the first semester of your application. This program is unique to UT Dallas because it allows you to undergo the HPAC evaluation process ahead of schedule. NOTE: We only allow members who are applying in the current year to participate.

The critical analysis and reasoning section, one of four areas on the MCAT, tests your ability to comprehend what you read. We help you prepare for this challenging section by exposing you to complex scientific research passes. Our goal is to familiarize you with the vocabulary and methods of thinking that will improve your CARS strategies.

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