Mentor-Mentee Program
APPS 101
MCAT Workshops

Based on your year, major, and other interests, we match you with an upperclassman mentor to guide you through your pre-medical classes, MCAT, summer internships, shadowing experiences, and more. We also hold social events so that you can become more acquainted with the university, build connections with your peers, and understand the different routes that pre-medical students take to achieve their goals. Applications are accepted beginning in June, with rolling admissions throughout the entire academic year.

This program is designated to provide an early start for medical school applicants. We assist you with completing your primaries through multiple assignments and deadlines during the first semester of your application. This program is unique to UT Dallas because it allows you to undergo the HPAC evaluation process ahead of schedule. NOTE: We only allow members who are applying in the current year to participate.

MCAT workshops are 6 workshops throughout the school year to give you the basics of the MCAT. Our goal is to inform premed students about scheduling, preparing, and key strategies for the MCAT. We encourage everyone to come whether you're a freshmen or someone who is currently studying for the MCAT to participate in these workshops and familiarize yourself about the beast that is the MCAT.

Coming Spring 2021

Book Club 

We have started a virtual book club to engage our members in a wide range of socially-relevant topics, intersecting with health and humanitarian issues. We hope this will be an avenue for you to increase your awareness of various kinds of backgrounds and identities in our country, and inspire you to advocate for change as a future healthcare professional. There will be no strict requirements for participation, and we will be offering 2 MD points per meeting you attend.

Round Table

Each month, we will be hosting a ‘Round Table’ open to all MD members, in order to discuss topics related to our theme of the month. This will be an excellent opportunity to practice speaking on socially-relevant issues - a critical skill as a future healthcare leader -, gain confidence for interviews, and simply engage in a stimulating conversation with your peers. Members who participate in the discussion will receive 2 MD points

Scientific Discovery 

We seek to provide various opportunities for pre-medical students to get involved in the healthcare field and gain a broader knowledge of medicine. As research plays such a large role in this discipline, we are beginning a program this fall called Today in Scientific Discovery which will be an hour-long live session on zoom, and our goal is to highlight some of the most influential scientific research endeavors taken up in recent times.