1. How much are dues? 

    • $15 ($10 due to COVID)

  2. How much are T-Shirts?

    • $10

  3. How can I join/become a member?

    • Sign our membership dues form and pay your dues

  4. How can I pay dues?

    • You can pay through Venmo, Paypal, or cash (if meetings were in person)

      • If you pay through Venmo/Paypal, please include your name, email, and what you’re paying for.

  5. When is the deadline to pay dues?

    • There is no deadline, we have rolling membership so you can become a member anytime during the academic year you want. 

  6. If I pay for dues in the Fall semester, do I also have to pay for the Spring Semester?

    • No, whenever you decide to pay for dues, it will last until the end of Spring Semester.

  7. Are there any requirements to become a member or to stay as a member?

    • No, there are requirements to become or stay as a member.

  8. What does being a member mean?

    • Only members will be allowed to sign up for volunteering opportunities, join our programs, be a part of the Fundraising Committee, chance to attend our Mock Interviews, and much more.