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Molding Doctors

The University Of Texas At Dallas


  1. How much are dues? 

    1. $15 ($10 due to COVID)

  2. How much are T-Shirts?

    1. $10

  3. How can I join/become a member?

    1. Sign our membership dues form and pay your dues

  4. How can I pay dues?

    1. You can pay through Venmo, Paypal, or cash (if meetings were in person)

      1. If you pay through Venmo/Paypal, please include your name, email, and what you’re paying for.

  5. When is the deadline to pay dues?

    1. There is no deadline, we have rolling membership so you can become a member anytime during the academic year you want. 

  6. If I pay for dues in the Fall semester, do I also have to pay for the Spring Semester?

    1. No, whenever you decide to pay for dues, it will last until the end of Spring Semester.

  7. Are there any requirements to become a member or to stay as a member?

    1. No, there are requirements to become or stay as a member.

  8. What does being a member mean?

    1. Only members will be allowed to sign up for volunteering opportunities, join our programs, be a part of the Fundraising Committee, chance to attend our Mock Interviews, and much more.