1. What is the Fundraising Committee?

    • We are a team of individuals within Molding Doctors who plan fundraising events on campus and donate all the proceeds to philanthropic organizations. We have also volunteered with local groups, such as Dallas Life and North Texas Food Bank.

  2. How can I join?

    • A link will be sent in our September emails, where you can send in an application. If chosen for an interview, you will meet with one of our Fundraising Chairs to be selected!

  3. Why should I join?

    • This is a great way to play a role in event planning, gain volunteer experience, and overall make an impact on the community!

  4. Are there any dues?

    • Nope!

  5. What is required of me as a member?

    • You will be asked to be an active participant of the committee-- you must work with other members to brainstorm and implement fundraising strategies, choose and reach out to organizations, actively advertise each fundraiser, etc.