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The University of Texas at Dallas


   Molding Doctors has created a new fundraising committee this year to manage the various fundraising operations that the organization does throughout the year. The committee is responsible for managing service fundraising projects such as MD for Dallas and surgical mission trips to Haiti. The committee was first established by appointing our chairs through a rigorous application and interview process. The Chair Lalitha Kotrike, and vice-chair, Parul Rai, who regularly work with the officer team to organize and execute fundraisers. Next, the committee members were chosen by evaluating their involvement and enthusiasm for Molding Doctors’ mission through an application and interview process. The committee members assist Lalitha Kotrike and Parul Rai with organizing, planning, executing, and publishing the monthly fundraiser.

From left to right: Parul Rai (vice chair), Lalitha Kotrike (chair), Sree Yarlagadda (Historian)

Molding Doctors

Fundraising  Committee

Fundraising Commitee Fall 2017

The committee’s mission is:

“To strive to inspire service, global philanthropy, and compassion in future physicians.”

In addition to fundraising for a wide variety of causes, both local and international, the goal for this committee is to give members the opportunity to have a level of personal attachment to the cause. Therefore, members volunteer firsthand to benefit the causes that they fundraise for, becoming both primary and secondary contributors towards the philanthropic effort.

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