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MOLDING DOCTORS OFFICERS 2018-2019 "Our goal is to nurture service, philanthropy, academic excellence, and leadership in future physicians" -Molding Doctors

Meha Srivastav

Meha is currently a sophomore majoring in psychology and minoring in creative writing. She ispassionate about mental health and women’s/minority issues, hoping to (eventually) cater todisadvantaged populations through psychiatric work. She has been part of Dr.McIntyre’sNeurobiology lab for the past year, assisting in research on PTSD and anxiety disorders, and isa freshman mentor and a volunteer at the Dallas Area Rape Crisis Center. In her free time (orunder the pressure of deadlines), she enjoys writing short stories, poems and heated opinionarticles. She also enjoys sparsely reading literature, watching The Office and Orange is the NewBlack, and obsessing over her dog, Tofu.

Laila Alkassar


Laila is a junior majoring in Neuroscience. She hopes to attend medical school. While she has always had an interest in pediatrics, pediatric neurology, and psychiatry, she will continue to explore various specialties throughout her medical pursuit. Laila is passionate about her role as an SSC PLTL Team Leader, a UT Dallas Student Ambassador, and a Freshman Mentor. She enjoys working as a research assistant in the Think Lab, a child learning and development research lab. In her free time, she likes to create memories with family and friends, watch “Friends” for the 100th time, and play the violin and some soccer!

Tasnim Yasin


Tasnim is currently a senior majoring in Biomedical Engineering. She’s also a FYL for a class of wonderful freshman, and heavily involved in research: both engineering and medical based. She worked her first year in Meyer’s Bioengineering lab, 3D modeling tissue flow phantoms and is currently working on an longitudinal amputation study at the Baylor Heart Hospital in Plano. She’s very passionate about giving back to her local community by peer mentoring and in her spare time tutors young violin students. Her favorite things to do are sleep, eat, and procrastinate  homework.

Nikhil Gogineni


Nikhil Gogineni is a sophomore majoring in Biology. His dream is to attend medical school to pursue a career in the healthcare field. Outside of Molding Doctors, Nikhil works in Dr. Dussor’s Pain Neurobiology Lab as an undergraduate research assistant, is a Freshman Mentor, and is a cofounder and program manager of a non-profit organization called Famcore Foundation. In his free time, Nikhil loves to dance, listen to music, and spend time with his family.

Ammar Adenwalla

Ammar is a senior double majoring in Biology and Healthcare Management. He is currently applying to medical school and hopes to pursue his passions for learning, teaching, and serving. He intends to use his diverse set of experiences to take a multidisciplinary approach to healthcare. Being involved with Molding Doctors since his freshman year, he embodies the organization’s mission to develop the next generation of servant leaders. He strives to create a collegial environment that fosters growth through his dedication to collaborate and uplift those around him. In addition to serving the members of Molding Doctors, he conducts research in Dr. Morcos’s bioinformatics lab, works as a business intelligence intern at The Heart Hospital, and is a peer tutor for organic chemistry and biochemistry. Any time not dedicated to one of these activities is spent weightlifting, rock climbing, doing origami, or hanging out with friends.

Maya Eldin

VP of Service
Maya is currently a Junior majoring in Biology and minoring in Neuroscience. She plans on attending medical school and eventually pursuing ER medicine or dermatology. She has spent the past two years conducting research in Dr. Kim's nanotechnology lab which focuses on nanopore-based sequencing of biomolecules. In addition, she is data specialist and researcher for the Texas Emergency Medicine Research Associates Program(TEMRAP) and tutors General Chemistry and Biochemistry through the Peer Tutoring program. She is also a Freshman Mentor, a clinical support staff member at the Hope Clinic and a Biology 2 teaching assistant. In her spare time, she enjoys playing the violin or ukulele and keeping up with her Spanish and the Kardashians).

Elizabeth Ding

VP of Internal Affairs

Elizabeth is a junior majoring in Cognitive Science. She is a PLTL Leader, a Freshman Mentor, and a First Year Leader.  In her free time (lmao what free time?), she likes to paint canvases, pet good boys and scratch soft heads, watch Netflix/Hulu on her laptop, and currently she is trying to get back into writing and reading books. If you are interested in exploring good eats, all the hilarious TV shows/crime shows, or fluffy samoyed dogs, feel free to hit her up!.

Hannan Mulla


Hannan Mulla is currently a junior majoring in Biology and minoring in Neuroscience. He hopes to attend medical school and eventually pursue either Oncology, Neurology or ER medicine. He spent the last one and half years in Dr. Zhang’s Heme-Biology lab.  In addition, He is also a Freshman Mentor, Peer Wellness Leader, Clinical Researcher for TEMRAP and a volunteer at the Agape Free Clinic. In his spare time, he enjoys binge-watching anything on Netflix or Hulu (anime, movies, or shows…. He watches them all), swimming, hanging out with friends, and exploring new food/restaurants.

Kimberly Tran

VP of External Affairs

Kimberly is very forgetful, but she uses that to her benefit. Always staying in the moment, she is mindful of the things in life that matter most to her – faith, family, & friends. All of her activities stem off of her genuine love for other people. In pursuit of this human experience, she has engaged in extensive development of youth at her church, interacted with patients at Texas Vascular Associates, and advocated for the personal and professional growth of her peers through several organization on campus. As her love for humanity transformed into a calling to serve others, she joined Molding Doctors with the intention to surround herself with likeminded people.

As she grew fond of the community she found herself in, it became apparent to her that she wanted to play a bigger role in bringing the organization’s mission to fruition. She values her leadership position because it enables her to support people from all walks of life to her fullest capacity, paying forward the mentorship and support she has received. Even though she may be forgetful, her clarity of vision brings success to everything she does.

Ameen Mohammed


Ameen is a junior majoring in Neuroscience. In addition to being involved with MD, he is a peer tutor for General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry. Ameen is also a senator in the Student Government and a mentor through the Freshman Mentor Program. He also enjoys drawing in the margins of his notebooks.

Sree Pd Yarlagadda

Sree is currently a Junior majoring in Biology and minoring in Psychology. He plans on attending medical school to pursue Cardiology. He has volunteered with Medical City Plano for 2 years and has prior work experience. He is now a ER Medical Scribe with Baylor Emergency Medical Center at Aubrey, a Peer Tutor for Organic Chemistry, and stuDYING for his MCAT. Sree is passionate about mentoring, mental health in physicians, and strongly believes in “collaboration not competition.” In his spare time he likes to talk, do, dream, teach, watch O Chem. He also enjoys photography, not going to the gym, and going on vacations during classes.

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